I am currently writing a book that looks at the importance of changing notions about silence for the development of experimental poetry and poesía de vanguardia. This project focuses on the collaboration, correspondence, and conflict between John Cage, Octavio Paz, and Haroldo de Campos, but also includes the “silent” work of Severo Sarduy, Jackson Mac Low, Hélio Oiticica, and others.

Like the rest of my current research, my book looks at poetry in an inter-American context. In this country “American” has become synonymous with the United States, but as Frank Lloyd Wright knew when he advocated for the use of the term “Usonian,” ours is only one of many American identities. My work on inter-American literature has appeared in Comparative American Studies, Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture, and Environment and the Spring 2013 volume of Hispanic Journal, and Journal of Modern Literature (forthcoming).

More broadly, my research interests include Inter-American studies, comparative literary modernism, experimental poetry, comparative media, ecocriticism, literary urbanism, and translation studies.


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